What are the benefits of ISP (Static Residential) proxies?

Benefits of our ISP Proxies include: Unlimited Bandwidth, Improved Reliability and Uptime, Faster Speeds, Improved Undetectability and Static Availability.

ISP and Static Residential proxies have a range of benefits over basic proxy servers and even normal peer residential networks. Here are a few of their benefits:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlike normal standard residential proxies which are part of a network of real users, ISP and Static Residential proxies are hosted in datacenters with direct, high bandwidth connectivity to residential carriers' networks. This high throughput means that we do not charge by bandwidth on our ISP proxies. Instead, we charge by IP address and this means that ISP/Static Residential proxies are particularly good for high bandwidth tasks like accessing video sites.

  • Improved Reliability and Uptime: Since ISP/Static Residential proxies are hosted in datacenters with state-of-the-art equipment, they are incredibly reliable and aren't subject to the unpredictability of a standard residential proxy which could be affected by an end-user simply turning their machine off. This results in our ISP proxy network having an incredible 99.9%+ uptime - see our status page for more.

  • Faster Speeds: As mentioned, our ISP proxies have a direct, high-throughput connection to our residential ISP partner networks. This connectivity means our ISP proxies are much faster than standard residential networks with speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

  • Improved Undetectability: We partner with real residential ISPs like ATT, Spectrum, Charter, Cox Communications, Telia, BT, and more to announce our IP addresses on their consumer networks. This means that our ISP proxies look as if they are real consumer connections to websites that look up connecting IP addresses unlike basic proxy servers which can be easily identified as being in a datacenter - this means that ISP proxies can avoid security detection measures that rely on IP reputation.

  • Static Availability: Unlike standard residential networks where proxies are coming on and offline all the time, ISP/Static Residential proxies remain available for a prolonged period whilst they are in service. This means you can purchase an ISP proxy and keep the same IP address for months, if not years - this is particularly important when managing website accounts that may be sensitive to IP address changes.

Good to know: All our US ISP / Static Residential proxy orders are fulfilled from several residential ISP networks for maximum anonymity and redundancy.

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