Integrating Ping Proxies with Bitbrowser

Using proxies along-side an Bitbrowser can help improve session anonymity, protecting your online Privacy.

Security is a major issue when using the Internet, as you may be prone to several attacks, including hacking or tracking. While normal browsers offer some protection, it’s not enough to safely surf the web and protect your privacy.

You take steps to erase your online fingerprint by integrating Ping Proxies with BitBrowser.

What is BitBrowser and What Does It Offer?

BitBrowser is a multipurpose anti-detection, anti-fingerprinting web browser. This tool creates web browsers by simulating computer data and using IP addresses to make them entirely separate from one another.

This browser can handle a significant amount of online workload and speeds up the connection between URLs. By deep-anonymizing proxy IPs, it guarantees that there is no association at all between browser windows.

It’s built with a heavy emphasis on privacy and security. It provides a range of tools intended to protect data from prying eyes. It uses more than just the standard security capabilities found in online browsers, such as the newest encryption algorithms, ad blocking, and anti-tracking.

Top BitBrowser Features: What It Brings

Proxy Integration

BitBrowser excels at managing and integrating proxies. It suggests proxy IPs (HTTP or SOCKS5) and guarantees improved security while using them. Proxy credentials are automatically filled in, streamlining the procedure even further.

It incorporates comprehensive proxy verification for additional security. You can easily integrate proxy providers like Ping Proxies and manage them inside individual accounts.

User and Group Management

This tool helps managers foster more collaborative work environments by allowing them to add users with certain responsibilities and features. It groups users together to promote effective cooperation. This all-inclusive group control system helps team members coordinate seamlessly and work more productively.

Automation Feature

With BitBrowser, you can automate time-consuming browsing tasks while you do something else. Its RPA (Robot Process Automation) can replicate manual surfing actions for every user. This is particularly useful for social media, as you can automate tasks like adding friends, looking through product sites, and interacting with content.

Multiple Account Management

BitBrowser is unique in how it handles multiple accounts on many platforms. This browser allows you to manage and create many profiles.

Additionally, it makes creating and customizing profiles easier by letting you adjust settings for certain social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. With its features, you may quickly open profiles for effective assessment, choose your favorite operating system, and mute sound.

Common Use-Cases of BitBrowser

BitBrowser is often used in cases where you have to get around limitations imposed by websites or services. It can also provide a high degree of privacy and anonymity. That aside, here are some common use cases of BitBrowser:

Multi-account management: As we previously said, BitBrowser is the best tool for effectively managing several accounts on a single or several platforms. With it, you can safely avoid getting suspended or banned permanently.

Affiliate marketing: BitBrowser can improve the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns. Therefore, you can prevent blocks or restrictions.

E-commerce: Thanks to the BitBrowser management feature, marketers can simplify the operations of their e-commerce platforms. With this, users can manage numerous accounts at once, each within its own isolated window.

Social media campaigns: BitBrowser allows you to simulate autonomous user activity. This guarantees that every account acts independently, which is essential for social media campaigns.

How to Set Up Ping Proxies With BitBrowser

Step 1: Download the Browser

Start by visiting the official BitBrowser website and clicking the download button at the top of the screen. Proceed to download and install the software on your PC. Ensure that you complete the installation process without any issues.

Step 2: Create an Account With BitBrowser

Next, click the “Register” button on the top of the homepage to sign up for an account. This will take you to a new page where you must enter your information, like your email or phone number. You’ll have to create a username and password.

Step 3: Log into Your Account on the Downloaded Software

Using your registered email or phone number and password, you’ll be able to access your BitBrowser account. This will take you to your dashboard, showcasing the available features.

Step 4: Generate Proxy From Ping Proxies

Visit Ping Proxies' official site and access your account using your login details. Next, click on “Residential” and “Generator.” This will take you to the page where you can generate your custom IP proxy.

Step 5: Create a Browser Profile and add the proxies to BitBrowser

Click Browser Profile and select Add on the next page. A pop-up page will appear; swipe down to the proxy section and select SOCKS5 from the proxy type option. Then, enter your residential proxy information.

All Ping Proxies services are provisioned username/password authentication and are show in IP_ADDRESS:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD format. For example, take the proxy below which is sent in this format:

This proxy is split into four parts separated by colons, or :'s. The segments of proxy information are below:

  • IP Address/Hostname:

  • Port: 7777

  • Username: customer-tt_pp_lz_5051-sessid-Z9tCGVYHu

  • Password: 23n22mk22

Once this is done, select the “Confirm” button.

Step 6: Launch a New Page

Click on the “Open” button to launch an anti-detect and anti-fingerprint tab to surf the internet. It will automatically create a page to confirm if the connection worked.


Why should I use BitBrowser and Ping Proxies?

BitBrowser, integrated with Ping Proxies, provides protection against fingerprint tracking. Once activated, you become anonymous and can browse the internet safely. You can also use it to manage multiple accounts on several platforms with different individual profiles.

Can I use BitBrowser without Ping Proxies?

Yes, you can, however, you won’t get the best security option as you would with Ping Proxies. BitBrowser’s direct connection mode (no proxy) doesn’t offer ethically sourced proxies from over 150 countries or ultra-fast connection speed.

What if I still need help setting up BitBrowser with Ping Proxies?

No problem! Our team is available to walk you through the set-up process and answer any other questions along the way, contact us at or via our 24/7 Ticker System in our Discord server.

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