Incogniton: How to integrate anti-detect browsers with proxies

Here is how to set up Incogniton with your Ping Proxies’ packages in order to have the best proxies available for seamless connection to your browser profiles.

What is Incogniton?

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser that allows you to manage unlimited virtual profiles to be able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Download Incogniton here! You can use code PINGPROXIES15 for 15% off all plans.

1. Starting Up

Once you have downloaded Incogniton, you will need to click Create Single to start creating your new profile.

2. Creating your Profile

Now you need to give your profile a name, for example: Ping Proxies 1.

If you're assigning this profile to a group you can do this under the Group section, but for now leave this as unassigned to create your first profile.

Then you can click Create a new Fingerprint and you will be able to see all the details under the Profile Summary section.

You can also change all the fingerprint settings individually under the corresponding sections if you wish.

3. Entering your Ping Proxies' details

Now it's time to enter your Ping Proxies' information.

Haven't got any? Checkout our packages and order which ones are right for you! They will be delivered to your email inbox.

As all Ping Proxies packages are use HTTP protocol and support HTTP/S for easy integration - ensure you select HTTP/S in the Proxy Type drop-down menu.

All proxies we deliver use username/password authentication. We are using this proxy:

Then just enter the username and password of your proxy and click Check proxy to ensure it's working.

4. You're done!

You are able to change more on your profile such as timezone, geolocation and more so just click any of those options down the right-hand side if so.

Then just click Create Profile or Update Profile depending on which stage you are at and then all you need to do is click Start and you're there!

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