How to Use Genlogin With Ping Proxies - Complete Integration Guide

Using proxies along-side an Genlogin can help improve your online privacy by preventing online tracking and

Have you ever tried to clean up your digital trail as you surf the internet? This is because you can’t trust most of these browsers not to leak your information.

With Genlogin and Ping Proxies at your service, you can be sure everything you do online is private. Using this anti-detect browser gives you more control and anonymity. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the step-by-step process of integrating Ping Proxies with Genlogin to prevent online tracking.

What is Genlogin and What Features Does It Offer?

Moving with the technological trend today, Genlogin is the latest automated platform that offers an anti-detect browser to transform web management. With this, you can quickly and effectively create and maintain online tools, automating processes that would otherwise need to be done by hand in a web browser.

The platform provides a customized automation script for any demand, regardless of how big or small. If you are the type that worries about your online image, Genlogin's anti-detect capabilities help prevent account lockouts and online tracking.

Genlogin Features: What Makes It Stand Out

Creating a Genlogin account comes with several top-notch features that make it one of the best. We’ll list some of them below:


This platform provides an automated tool that allows businesses to automate a wide range of browser-based processes. These brands can quickly implement solutions to automate time-consuming operations.

Anit-detect Technology

Genlogin's antidetect technology is essential, particularly for processes requiring many accounts or sensitive data. This function adds a degree of safety and efficiency by guaranteeing that your automated procedures are safe and invisible. With the help of this sophisticated tool, businesses can easily manage thousands of accounts on a single computer.

Multi-Platform Data Scraping

Genlogin easily collects data from different online sources, including social media sites and Google Maps. It can scrape search results, comments, trending products, etc., in real-time for deeper insights into strategy analysis.

Most Common Use-Cases of Genlogin

Genlogin is particularly useful when you want to hide your true identity for some reason, such as bypassing tracking or having several profiles concurrently without mixing them up. That said, here are some instances in which an anti-detect browser like Genlogin is useful:

Online Privacy: Genlogin can help individuals or businesses that are sensitive about their online activities that can be monitored. The platform helps prevent various tracking methods.

Affiliate Marketing: A marketer working with multiple affiliate networks might need to avoid detection to manage different accounts without triggering

protection systems. On the same device, they can run many accounts using Genlogin.

Ad Verification: Companies can use Genlogins anti-detect browser to determine whether their ads have been displayed properly and in the right positions in different geographic locations; allowing you to see your ad presence just as a consumer would.

E-commerce: Platform-based sellers on platforms like Amazon or eBay can do various things using multiple accounts yet remain incognito. While this is prohibited as per the platform’s policy, they can avoid account suspension and other penalties.

Overcoming Geo-restrictions: With Genlogin, you can access content or services restricted to some geo by pretending to access them from an allowed area.

Multi-Account Management: A good example includes online gamers, financial traders, and freelancers who use multiple platforms but also need to manage more than one account without appearing suspicious.

Testing Content: This platform enables developers and designers to verify the layout of their content in different regions and profiles, ensuring a consistent user experience on their websites.

How to Integrate Ping Proxies With Genlogin Browser

Step 1: Create a Genlogin Account

The first thing you need to do is visit the official Genlogin website here. Then, create an account on the site.

Step 2: Download the Browser

Once logged in, you’ll find the download button for your respective PC’s OS. Click on it and install the software.

Step 3: Start Creating a Profile

After installing the software, ensure you download all the components before proceeding. Next, click on the “Create Profile” button at the top-left of the screen. On the next page, enter your name or brand in the provided box, but don’t click on the Create profile. Instead, select the “Your Proxy” option.

Step 4: Create Your Proxies at Ping Proxies Account

Log into your Ping Proxies account, then select “Residential” on the left side of the screen and from the drop-down menu, click “Generator.” On the next page, fill in the required information in the boxes. For example, select the type of proxies, the country and city they should be from, and the quantity.

All Ping Proxies services are provisioned username/password authentication and are show in IP_ADDRESS:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD format. For example, take the proxy below which is sent in this format:

This proxy is split into four parts separated by colons, or :'s. The segments of proxy information are below:

  • IP Address/Hostname:

  • Port: 7777

  • Username: customer-tt_pp_lz_5051-sessid-Z9tCGVYHu

  • Password: 23n22mk22

Step 5: Enter Your Proxy into Your Genlogin Account

After getting your proxies for Ping Proxies, select “SOCKS5 Proxy” from the available types. Next, enter the information into their boxes. Once you are done, click the “Check proxy” button to verify.

Step 6: Complete Your Profile

After verifying your proxy, the next step is to confirm and complete your profile. Click on the “Create profile” option. Then, select the Profile menu on the left side of the screen. This will take you to the profile you just created. Click on the “Start” button to launch a new browser window.

Step 7: Test the Proxies

To verify the proxy's authenticity, we used The image above shows that it works fine, and you can begin surfing the internet without leaving breadcrumbs.

What if I still need help setting up Genlogin with Ping Proxies?

No problem! Our team is available to walk you through the set-up process and answer any other questions along the way, contact us at or via our 24/7 Ticker System in our Discord server.

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