GoLogin: Setting Up Proxies

Here is how to set up GoLogin with your Ping Proxies’ packages in order to have the best proxies available for seamless connection to your browser profiles.

What is GoLogin?

GoLogin is an anti-detect browser where you can create and manage multiple browser profiles on websites.

Download GoLogin from their website.

1. Starting Up

Before you get started, you'll need some proxies to run this software so check out our packages and see which ones fit your use cases the most!

Now you've downloaded GoLogin, open the application.

To get started, click Create Your First Profile or if you're on Mac OS a new empty profile will already be created for you and you'll click the horizontal ellipsis to change the settings of this profile.

2. Entering Your Ping Proxies Details

As all Ping Proxies packages are use HTTP protocol and support HTTP/S for easy integration - ensure you select HTTP in the Connection Type drop-down menu.

All proxies we deliver use username/password authentication. We are using this proxy: residential.pingproxies.com:61234:PingProxies1:Password

After you have entered the address, enter the port and your username and password in the corresponding sections.

Click Check Proxy to ensure it's connected correctly.

Then, just click Save

3. Start Running

After you clicked Create Profile, a browser window should open - if not click Run next to your new profile to continue.

As long as you've followed these steps, a website, iphey.com, should open with your proxy's IP address information on it so you know everything is running through that!

And you're there!

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