ClonBrowser: A guide to setting up proxies

Here is how to set up ClonBrowser with your Ping Proxies’ packages in order to have the best proxies available for seamless connection to your browser profiles.

What is ClonBrowser?

ClonBrowser is a software which allows you to use virtual browser profiles instead of a multi-PC set-up.

It's great a tool for monitoring accounts, social media marketing and much more!

Supported platforms include: Google, Facebook, TikTok amongst others.

Download ClonBrowser here!

1. Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the application, click Create a Create a New Browser Profile.

2. Setting Up Profile

Enter your profile name, for example: PingProxies1.

Pick a country for your profile if you wish.

Then, click Setting to start entering your Ping Proxies' details.

3. Entering your Ping Proxies' details

As all Ping Proxies packages are use HTTP protocol and support HTTP/S for easy integration - ensure you select HTTP in the Connection Type drop-down menu.

Haven't got any of our proxies? Check out our packages to see which ones suit your use cases the best!

All proxies we deliver use username/password authentication. We are using this proxy:

Then enter the IP address, Port, Username and Password for your proxy in the corresponding sections.

After you've enter the proxy details, click Connection test to ensure your proxy is working.

And then just click Create profile to finish this step.

4. Finishing Up and Start Running Your Profile

All you need to do now is click Start to start using your new ClonBrowser profile linked with your Ping Proxies!

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