A Guide to Setting Up MuLogin Browser Proxy with Ping Proxies

Using proxies along-side an Anti-Detect browser can help improve session anonymity and avoid websites tracking you through browser and connection fingerprinting.

Managing multiple accounts across various online platforms has become difficult due to websites often tracking your devices and banning users suspected of managing multiple accounts - even with legitimate use-cases.

Anti-detect browsers like MuLogin and high-quality proxies like Ping Proxies have got your back. They enhance your online anonymity and prevent fingerprinting.

What is Mulogin and how does it work?

Mulogin has a range of functionality which helps with automating online tasks such as filling out forms and extracting publically available information from websites.

It offers this functionality through its application, browser extensions and even its API - It's like having a Swiss Army knife for your web automation.

Paired with the right proxies, it also helps improve privacy and security while you automate by helping to obfuscate your unqiue browser and connection fingerprints.

What are MuLogins features?

MuLogin is a feature-rich tool that offers several capabilities:

  1. Multiple Platforms and Accounts Management: MuLogin facilitates managing numerous accounts across platforms through virtual browsers. This allows simple, simultaneous login and oversight of all accounts from any device. Users benefit from quick, secure access without limitations.

  2. Separated Browser Environment: With MuLogin, users can establish distinct fingerprint browsers, completely separating each browser's fingerprints, cookies, local storage, and cache files. This feature prevents information sharing between profiles and allows secure, undetectable multi-login access to multiple accounts.

  3. Simple Browser Automation: MuLogin offers task automation through Local API or Selenium and Puppeteer for Mimic. This streamlines repetitive jobs, simplifying workflows and significantly boosting efficiency.

  4. Multi-user Collaboration and Efficiency: MuLogin enables team collaboration through shared sub-accounts, browsers, and fingerprints. This streamlines workflow by removing passwords improving efficiency between teams.

  5. Comprehensive Proxy Integration: MuLogin integrates with a range of proxy types include HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and IPv6.

What are the use-cases of Mulogin?

The feature set provided by Mulogin make it great for a wide range of online activities and a fitting tool for anything related to online automation or data extraction, here are a few examples:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Manage multiple advertising accounts for placement, batch operations, increased delivery flow, and risk diversification.

  • E-commerce: Establish isolated merchant accounts on e-commerce platforms to boost revenue while effectively mitigating online retail risks.

  • Social Media Marketing: Efficiently manage unlimited browser profiles and multiple social media accounts.

  • Ad Verification: Authenticate ad targeting and placement by emulating viewers with different devices and geo-locations, eliminating misleading creatives and broken links.

  • Retail Price Comparison: View prices as a genuine visitor, circumventing algorithms that alter product prices based on visitor specifics.

  • Ad Spy: Reverse-engineer original ad campaign targeting by analysing ads served to specific social media profiles.

  • Web Crawler: Employ less resource-intensive virtual browser profiles instead of device labs or virtual machines.

  • Brand Protection: Monitor regionally blocked resources for any illicit use of your brand, ensuring brand integrity and safeguarding against misuse.

  • Self-testing: Assess website performance through live environment Selenium tests.

Setting Up Ping Proxies with MuLogin Browser

Now lets breakdown how integrate Ping Proxies with the Mulogin Browser. Once set up, you'll be able to use the software for online automation at scale without having to worry about fingeprinting and website bans.

First, you'll need to download and install the Mulogin software.

You'll also need to make an account but they have a 3-day full-access trial if you just want to test things out.

You can download the application here.

1. Open Mulogin

2. Once opened, first click on "Add Browser."

3. You will then be directed to the "Basic Configuration" tab where you can select your browser type and hit "Save."

We would recommend picking an Linux Device with Chrome.

This can help stop the potential for TCP/IP Fingerprinting since most proxy servers run on a version of Linux as well.

4. Click save and then click on "Quick Create" to create your browser profile.

5. In the window, head to the "Basic Configuration" tab of your newly created browser profile, scroll down to the Proxy settings section and enter the details of the proxy you want to use.

All Ping Proxies services are provisioned username/password authentication and are show in IP_ADDRESS:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD format. For example, take the proxy below which is sent in this format:


This proxy is split into four parts separated by colons, or :'s. The segments of proxy information are below:

  • IP Address/Hostname: residential.pingproxies.com

  • Port: 7777

  • Username: customer-tt_pp_lz_5051-sessid-Z9tCGVYHu

  • Password: 23n22mk22

For Residential Pro proxies you can enter SOCKS5 or HTTP as the proxy type but for Premium Static Residential ISP or Datacenter proxies you should select HTTP only.

6. Now click "Check Network" to test it out. If all looks good, hit "Save," and you're in business!

7. Now click Open on your new browser and you're all set to browse the internet without having to worry about device and connection fingerprinting.

8. Test the Proxy and confirm your IP and anonymity at whoer.net.

Why Use Ping Proxies as your MuLogin Browser Proxy Provider?

Ping Proxies is the best choice for pairing with MuLogin. Their residential proxies match well with MuLogin, providing authentic IP addresses that minimize detection risks. This allows smooth operation on various online platforms. Benefits of using Ping Proxies include:

  • Extensive IP Pool: A large pool of residential IPs ensures a steady supply of fresh proxies, supporting uninterrupted use of MuLogin.

  • Stealth Mode: The proxies offer anonymous browsing that blends with regular traffic, essential for private tasks.

  • Fast Speeds: Ping Proxies uses high-quality infrastructure for quick, efficient operations without lags.

  • Global Coverage: Access geo-restricted content globally, enhancing the capabilities of your MuLogin browsing.

What if I still need help setting up MuLogin with Ping Proxies?

No problem! Our team is available to walk you through the set-up process and answer any other questions along the way, contact us at support@pingproxies.com or via our 24/7 Ticker System in our Discord server.

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