A guide to adding residential proxies to Shadowrocket

Here is how to set up Shadowrocket with your Ping Proxies’ packages in order to have the best proxies available for seamless connection to your applications.

What is Shadowrocket?

Shadowrocket is a rule based utility client for iPhone/iPad.

You are able to capture all traffic from any applications and redirect it to your proxy.

First of all you need to download Shadowrocket, you can do this via the appstore.

1. Download and Starting-Up Shadowrocket

You'll need some proxies for this! Have a look at our available packages.

Once you've dowloaded the app, open the application and click Add Server.

2. Entering your Ping Proxies information

As all Ping Proxies packages are use HTTP protocol and support HTTP/S for easy integration so ensure you click HTTPS in the Type section.

After you've done this, enter your Ping Proxies' information.

All proxies we deliver use username/password authentication. We are using this proxy: residential.pingproxies.com:7777:PingProxies1:Password

Then, connect your Ping Proxy by selecting the toggle button next to Not Connected.

3. Allow your Security Settings to Run your Ping Proxies through Shadowrocket

After connecting your proxy your phone will prompt you with a couple security settings to allow VPN configurations. Just click Ok and Allow for your VPN to work.

4. And You're Done!

Once you allow these, there's nothing left to do. Check the toggle is switched and the VPN sign in the top left corner and away you go!

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