Visual Basic

This article provides an example of using a proxy to make an HTTP request with the Visual Basic programming language.

Visual Basic Code

In this example, we use the Residential proxy below:

This proxy is split into four parts separated by colons. We first save the proxy as a string variable, then split it into four parts at each colon (:) and then add it, with authentication, to our proxy dictionary.

Imports System.IO
Imports System.Net
Module Module1
    Private Const proxy_string = ""
    Private proxy_parts As String() = proxy_string.Split(":"c)
    Private ip_address As String = proxy_parts(0)
    Private port As String = proxy_parts(1)
    Private username As String = proxy_parts(2)
    Private password As String = proxy_parts(3)
    Private Const url As String = ""
    Sub Main()
        Dim httpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(url), HttpWebRequest)
        Dim webProxy = New WebProxy(New Uri("http://" & ip_address & ":" & port)) With {
                .Credentials = New NetworkCredential(username, password)
        httpWebRequest.Proxy = webProxy
        Dim httpWebResponse = CType(httpWebRequest.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
    End Sub
End Module

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