FoxyProxy Switcher

Here is how to set up FoxyProxy with your Ping Proxies’ packages in order to have the best proxies available for seamless connection to your browser profiles.

FoxyProxy Switcher is an extension that allows you to easily integrate proxies into your browser sessions.


All Ping Proxies packages can be easily integrated into most internet browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Brave using FoxyProxy to add proxies to your browser. You can download the extension via the links below:


1. Once installed, head over to your extension bar and click on FoxyProxy Standard. You will be greeted by a pop-up window as seen below.

2. Next, click on options and a configuration page will be opened.

3. Click add new proxy

4. All proxies we deliver use HTTP protocol and username/password authentication. We are using this proxy:

5. We add the IP address/Hostname and port to the first two boxes. Then we enable login credentials and add our username as well as password.

6. You're nearly there...just click Save

7. Once saved, head back to your extension bar and open up FoxyProxy again. You'll now see the new proxy added to your list of available options. Just click the proxy and boom...your using a proxy in your browser

We are also currently developing our own Chrome, Firefox, and Brave extension to simplify proxy integration into browsers🤩

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